10 Summer Wedding Tips

10 Summer Wedding Tips

10 Summer Wedding Tips

Summer weddings are upon us and we are in love with all of it - longer days, outdoor venues, and warmer weather!

If you're planning a wedding during the sunny season, be sure to keep these tips in mind:

1. Think “Cool”

Summer is great for weddings, but it is also the hottest time of the year. Keep your guests cool by providing shade, air-conditioning, and plenty of water during both the ceremony and reception.

2. Send Save-The-Dates

With kids out of school, summer is a big time for family vacations. Make sure to send out save the dates a few months beforehand so your guests can mark their calendars and schedule accordingly.

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3. Smart Schedule

While midday ceremonies are popular, they are also the hottest part of the day. Schedule your wedding during the cooler times, such as a late afternoon ceremony and reception at sunset. If you want something a bit less formal, brunch weddings are a great alternative (and sometimes cost less).

4. Lighter Fabric Choices

Keep you bridal party from overheating with smart wardrobe choices. Stick to lighter fabrics for your wedding dress and short dresses for your bridesmaids (and maybe yourself!). Have the gentlemen in lighter colors such as tan and light grey, or stick to a casual look of khakis and button downs.

5. Sensible Shoes

Avoid sinking heels in the grass by choosing flats or wedges for you and your bridal party. If you have to have a heel, we recommend a thicker heel or grabbing some heel savers for you and your guests.

6. Plan for the Worst

We all wish for a perfect day, but it doesn’t always work out. Plan for the common issues with summertime: sun, rain, and bugs. Be sure your bridal party wears sunscreen, have a backup plan in the case of rain, and include some type of bug repellent for your reception. 

7. Keep Flowers Hydrated

With hotter temperatures your flowers are likely to droop before the day is over. Make sure this doesn’t happen by talking to your florist about extra water for transport and displays.

8. Lighter Meals

With summer heat, you want to stick with lighter foods for your reception. Heavy foods (especially ones with cream) can spoil quickly and make your guests feel gross. We recommend sticking with grilled entrees and seasonal produce. You can even add frozen drinks as an option to beat the heat!

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9. Cover Up

If you’re serving a buffet style dinner, remember to choose serving dishes with lids. You wants to cover the food in between servings to keep flies and bugs away.

10. Ditch the Buttercream

While we all love buttercream frosting, it does tend to get runny with too much heat. Talk to your baker about fondant options that are better at withstanding hot weather and ask your caterer to keep it refrigerated until right before the cutting.

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