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The days of traditional guestbooks are gone and couples are finding new ways of capturing their guests signatures on one of the most special days of their lives. One of the perks of this lasting trend is that the guestbook can be used as a decoration in the couple's home after the wedding day, making for a very special piece that is not only beautiful and one-of-a-kind, but a conversation piece. 

The fun in a guestbook alternative is that you can find a piece that is special to you as a couple! Making the decision together can be a bonding experience and can break the stress of some of the other, more mundane parts of planning a wedding. 

How can you incorporate a guestbook alternative into your wedding day? The options are endless; but we are here to help narrow down some of the best options. 

1. Large Wooden Letter

Have your guests sign your wedding monogram letter. Choose a size that fits your expected signature quantity.


2. Your Wedding Date

This sign doubles as a save the date and a guestbook! Wait - make that TRIPLES since you can use it as decor after your wedding. Score!


3. Your State OR Both of Your States

What a romantic way to show the coming together of two lives. This can be customized for even more of a unique guestbook option.


4. Your Names or Your New Last Name

This beautiful piece is a fabulous home decoration on it's own and is even more special with the romance of your wedding guests' signatures on it. A super plus? In the event of a post-wedding fight (it happens!) you will have this sign in plain view, reminding you of how much you love each other!


5. A Personalized Puzzle

A personalized and memorable option that also makes for added excitement on a rainy day!


6. Themed Guestbooks

The wedding is your chance to show your personalities so take every opportunity to work in your personal styles. 


TIP: Give your guests some colored markers to use or even metallics. For a rustic chalkboard look, have your sign painted black and give your guests white chalk style markers to use. 

MAKE IT LAST: To preserve your signatures after the wedding, spray over the sign with a matte clear topcoat spray, available in most craft stores in the spray paint section. 

These are just some of the unique options available to use as your wedding guestbook. Don't forget that your wedding is about you as a couple! Have some fun and find something that speaks to both of you and will be cherished for your lifetime together. 

Check out the many options we offer for wedding guestbooks. Send us a message if you have an idea for something custom!

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