5 christmas card ideas with our great photo props


It's almost that time of year again! The air is getting crisp in and the scent of pumpkin spice is everywhere to be found. It's the Fall! And it's also time to plan your family holiday cards! (Insert stress faced emoji here.)

It's best to book your photographer soon or ask about their mini-session schedules. Planning ahead will save you from even more stress during the holiday season. But how can you avoid the hum-drum of another boring Christmas Card, sure to be shoved into a pile of other hum-drum holiday cards??? Here are some great ideas for family Christmas Cards that are sure to have yours on display until New Years (or longer!) and that will bring smiles to everyone's faces:


 1. Be Merry

family photo cards for christmas and holidays

Your little ones will jump for joy when they get to hold a cute sign like this "Be Merry" Photo Prop. 


2. Show your JOY!

couples photo cards for christmas and holidays

Show your friends and family just how happy you are with your loved one by including a picture that is not only romantic but different. 


3. Say Thank You

Did you have a recent event, i.e. your wedding, that you will be sending thank you cards out for? Multi-task and send a combined Thank You / Christmas Card! Now that's what we call efficiency (and did we mention how cute the photo will turn out?).


4. Your First Christmas

first christmas ornament personalized wood

Hold a beautifully personalized engraved ornament in the photo while you stand in the background (kiss, play - whatever!) for a memorable card with a tangible keepsake.


5. Share Some Big News!


Share the excitement - in a humorous way! "Ho Ho... Oh!" Whoops - we have some news!



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