Practical Wedding Favors

Practical Wedding Favors

Practical Wedding Favors

You put so much effort into planning your wedding, so why would you not put as much thought into your favors? Candy and cookies are a good go-to, but they are eaten and never thought of again. A better gift is something they will keep and use over and over again, which is why we're bringing you three great practical wedding favors!


Doesn’t matter if your guests are drinking alcohol or not, koozies are a great gift for all! Personalized drink holders are a gift everyone can use - long after wedding. Plus, they are so easy to pack for those traveling!

Geometric Greenery Wedding Koozies

Tropical Koozie Wedding Favors

Floral Koozie Wedding Favor

Wooden Style Koozie Wedding Favors

Ombre Koozie Wedding Favors

Green Geometric Koozie Wedding Favors


Personalized coasters are great because they can be used at both the wedding and home afterwards. Choose a style to match your theme and personalize with your names and wedding date to make them your own. 

Don't Take My Drink Wedding Coaster Favors

Greenery Wreath Wedding Coaster Favors

Geometric Wedding Coaster Favors

Tropical Wedding Coaster Favors


A great idea for a destination wedding is personalized wedding totes for your guests. Fill them with local treats and/or small gifts and have them ready for when they arrive. Guests can use the totes during their stay and long after they get home.

Floral Crest Wedding Tote Bag Favors

Boho Antler Wedding Tote Bag Favors

Personalized Wedding Tote Bag Southern Bell Style

Arrow Wedding Tote Bag

Gatsby Wedding Tote Bag Favors

 Want to see more wedding favors? Check them out in our collection here!

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